Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of the end-users of our products. We recognize that citizens are justifiably concerned about upholding their rights to privacy, and we follow all best practices, and take all reasonable measures to ensure that we do exactly that.

This Privacy Policy will explain in clear language:

  1. What data our Apps collect
  2. What we do with it, and if it is shared with anyone
  3. Where it is stored
  4. How we protect it
  5. How you can opt out of or control Personally Identifiable Information

Personally Identifiable Information

Our Apps do not collect any Personally Identifiable Information. (Personally Identifiable Information is any data that could potentially identify a specific individual, or any information that can be used to distinguish one person from another and can be used for de-anonymizing anonymous data.)

Location Information – Alerts

Some of our Apps allow you to search for and sort resources/locations based on your current location and to receive critical Alerts that are based on your current location. For this feature to work, you must grant the App permission to read your current location in the background. ONLY your most recent location is stored on our servers. As soon as your current location is updated, the previous location is deleted and no history of your movements is kept.

For quality control purposes and to improve our service, we keep statistics on how many people each alert reaches. This data is summary statistical information and never contains any information that could be used to identify you personally or track your movements.


If your App contains eGuides, they may in turn contain checklists that have been created for your convenience. The information you enter into these checklists is stored on your mobile device ONLY, and cannot be read or used by anyone but you.

Incident Reports

Some of our Apps allows you to fill in Incident Reports.

The information you enter into an Incident Report will be emailed to the official for review using your phone’s email client, and your personal email provider.

It will not be stored on our servers. Also, once sent, there will be no copy left on your mobile device.

Other Information

The App logs technical information for quality control, bug reporting and troubleshooting, and to ensure data integrity.

We also collect data on the usage of App features so that we can optimize the user experience.

This information is technical, statistical, and above all completely anonymous. It contains nothing that can be used to potentially identify a specific individual, or to distinguish one person from another or to be used for deanonymizing anonymous data.

All communications between the App and our servers are secured at all times using HHTP Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and are encrypted both on the mobile device and our servers.

Wherever we state that information is stored on our servers, the servers are hosted with Amazon, and all basic infrastructure security is provided by Amazon. We ensure application security and privacy, and submit to a voluntary yearly privacy audit by a 3rd party.

The Privacy audit ensures that we comply with our Privacy Policy as provided here.

Opting Out

Opt out options are different for Android and iOS users because of the policies and technology of the platform providers.

Android users using version 5 or older of the Android operating system must opt out of all features or accept all access privileges that the app asks for. This is the way older versions of Android work.

If a user opts out, the features that will not function properly are:

  • Receiving emergency alerts about incidents that are specific to the area you are currently in;
  • adding contacts for quick status updates during an emergency;
  • directions to shelters and other locations;
  • creating incident reports and sending them.

Android version 6 and higher, and Apple iOS users are asked for three different permissions:

Access to GPS: If this permission is denied, receiving emergency alerts about incidents that are specific to the area you are currently in and directions to shelters and other locations will not work.

Access to Camera: If this permission is denied, creating incident reports and sending them will not work.

Access to Contacts: If this permission is denied, adding contacts for quick status updates during an emergency will not work.


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