Custom Editorial

Enlist QuickSeries’ content team to create custom digital content for you so you can take full advantage of your app’s modules. We are ready to support your outreach program by providing your users with information and resources that are relevant, accurate and engaging.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

Editorial Services

Blog Posts

PRICE - $350
Each post will be 500 - 600 words in length and will include a stock image (if required). Includes, research (if required), editing, image search (if required), limited corrections and delivery


PRICE - $1,000
Encourage quick comprehension and message recall with engaging visuals and concise language.

Content Packages

PRICE - $1,900
Quickly populate your app’s modules with relevant, informative content.

Assessments & Quizzes

PRICE - $700
Provide a learning activity to test user knowledge on the information you have been delivering.

Forms & Reporting

PRICE - $450
Provide your users with fillable forms and the ability to return reports directly to you, allowing you to receive feedback in a uniform fashion.


PRICE - $250
Create an easily updated digital listing of contacts, items or other user-relevant resources.


PRICE - $125
Our editors will source photos for you to use on your app.

Maps Locations

PRICE - $350
Listings of temporary shelters, hospitals and police stations and other locations including amenities and contact information. Up to 100 items

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