The Ethics content package includes the following content pre-loaded into the corresponding app modules:

5 News Articles (approx. 400-500 words each)

  • Introduction to the 14 General Principles of Ethical Conduct
  • What’s the Hatch Act?
  • Giving and Receiving Gifts
  • Conflicts of Interest: Financial and Personal
  • Fundraising Rules

2 Videos

  • Whistleblower Protection
  • The Hatch Act Illustrated and Explained

3 Checklists (10-15 items each)

  • Outside Activities: Is There a Conflict of Interest?
  • Ethics Law Compliance Checklist
  • Submitting a Complaint

1 FAQ (Features 12-15 questions and answers) including:

  • What is a conflict of interest?
  • Can I give or receive gifts from outside sources?

1 Assessment (12-15 questions)

  • Is It Ethical? A Quiz for Federal Employees

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