Equal Employment Opportunity

The EEO content package includes the following content pre-loaded into the corresponding app modules:

5 News articles, in draft mode:

  • Cultivating an Inclusive Workplace
  • Disabilities and Your Job Rights
  • Employee Rights in the Workplace
  • Reasonable Accommodation: How itworks, how it is requested and what the employer’s obligations are.
  • How to File a Charge of Employment Discrimination

3 Checklists:

  • Prohibited Personnel Practices
  • Interview Tips for Managers
  • Is It Discrimination?

1 FAQ:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Awareness FAQ

2 Videos:

  • EEOC: How To Recognize, Address, and Prevent Workplace Harassment
  • EEOC: Federal EEO Complaint Process

1 EEO Assessment:

  • Do You Know Your Rights?

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