Communicable/Infectious Diseases

The Communicable/Infectious Diseases content package includes the following content pre-loaded into the corresponding app modules:

5 NEWS ARTICLES (approx. 400-500 word each)

  • Communicable Diseases: What They Are and How They Spread
  • Protecting Against Common Infections
  • Understanding HIV
  • The ABCs of STIs: Awareness, Prevention, and Testing
  • Viral Hepatitis: Symptoms and Prevention Strategies

3 CHECKLISTS (10-15 items each)

  • Travel Health Checklist
  • Child Health Checklist
  • Personal Protection Checklist


  • HIV Basics: Testing, Prevention, and Living with HIV
  • Fight Germs. Wash Your Hands!

1 FAQ (Features 15 questions and answers) including:

  • What are some common symptoms of communicable diseases?
  • What should I do if I think I have a communicable disease?
  • Are all communicable diseases contagious?
  • Can communicable diseases be cured?

1 Assessment (12-15 Questions)

  • Test Your Communicable Diseases Knowledge

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