Module Training

QuickSeries module training will take you through the Core and Advanced features our individual modules can provide to your app strategy. Enabling you to fold the learning into your digital process, increasing your app’s value to your users.

Select from our list of Core and Advanced Modules below to add them to your quote request.
NOTE: Modules are added one at time to your Quote Request.
Core Modules – $100/Module:

Create informative news articles and push them out to all your users at once.

PDF Library
Create your own personal library by uploading PDFs with need-to-know information.
eGuide Library

Easily access and browse a customizable library of informative QuickSeries eGuides.

Welcome Message

Create rich text messages with embedded media to capture your audience. 


Feature valued partners or exclusive deals in a dedicated promotional space.

Event Schedule
Inform app users about the who, what, where and when of can’t-miss events with this go-to calendar.
Video Library
Offer your users access to video links that complement your content.
Allow users to browse or search a selection of Q&As on any topic.
Module Access Codes
Provide your users with a code that will either restrict or grant them access to specific modules.

Mobile User Registration

Use app registration data to gain additional insight into your community and use the information to drive your marketing initiatives.

Advanced Modules – $300/Module:
Deliver immediate in-app access to a variety of relevant resources.
Authoring Tool CMS
Transform plain documents into visually appealing, interactive eDocs.
Provide specific tests, quizzes and assessments so users can evaluate their status, risk and knowledge.
Create unique checklists for users to follow tasks, track progress or list important items.
Forms & Reporting
Allow app users to send reports from their devices to the administrative portal.
Make Your Plan
Encourage users to prepare for any emergency with information and tools.
Alerts & Safety Check
Keep app users informed of imminent/ongoing emergencies and prepare staff with practice drills.
Guide residents to safety with evacuation routes, and provide information on shelters, hospitals and police/fire stations.

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On average a full module training takes about 30 to 90 minutes.

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